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Best Certified Pre-Owned Smartphones

Looking for the best place to buy a certified pre-owned smartphone or tablet? Well, look no further than Cell Giant…your home for premium quality smartphones and tablets to meet every budget. We do not like to think we are the best; we stand by our belief that we are the Best certified pre-owned provider in the USA. So, if you are looking for the best certified pre-owned iPhones and tablets that look like new, work like new, at a fraction of the cost of new, then let Cell Giant cater to your needs. For our Android fans, please have a look at our wide variety and need I say, A-Grade quality, best Samsung certified pre-owned phones on the market. At Cell Giant, we believe that you shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a perfectly working phone or tablet.

Before we founded our company, we always thought we were getting the best deal when it came to buying mobile devices. Little did we know that there is a whole market of consumers like us who just want a high-quality like-New smartphone or tablet without having to empty our wallets to buy new. But, like every consumer, you want to have faith that the product will work great and the merchant is trustworthy and knowledgeable. As consumers ourselves, there was a level of discomfort for us in buying something as technically fragile as a mobile device from the same marketplace that sales Q-tips and just about everything else. As much as we can appreciate a one-stop-shop for certain goods, the same should not hold true when it comes to your investment in your personal mobile device. Just as a doctor would recommend you see a specialist that focuses specifically on a particular ailment, wouldn’t you, as a consumer, only want to buy a mobile device from a store that specifically sells and knows mobile devices? Our mission at Cell Giant is to give the consumer a trusted alternative that is specialized in this one area.  Your trust in us has been so appreciated, so count on us to continue to Always Deliver!

As a consumer conscious purveyor in the certified pre-owned and refurbished smartphone market, our job isn’t just providing you with the best smartphone and best tablet that fits your needs. Our job is to accompany it with the best possible customer service. Our team of customer service professionals is highly trained in the certified pre-owned / refurbished smartphone and tablet market. In fact, a couple of our hires were customers themselves who had purchased a certified pre-owned smartphone. Extremely pleased with their experience, they wanted to be a part of this fun, dynamic team. Being the best means hiring the best, so, who better than former customers who experienced the value and quality of owning a certified pre-owned / refurbished smartphone and are trained and eager to share their experience with others.

So, to all of our Customers:  

Write to us and let us know what you think of your certified pre-owned smartphone and/or tablet. When your friend, classmate, neighbor, relative, whoever and whoever tells you about the latest new phone they bought for $1500.00, do not laugh at them. Instead, offer to buy them lunch or a cup of coffee. After all, they just burned a large hole in their wallet, and it would only serve as a nice gesture. Besides, given the huge savings from your Cell Giant purchase of a certified pre-owned smartphone and tablet, you’ll have many more coffees and lunches to spare.  Cheers!

Buy Used Mobile Phones

That’s right! If you are visiting us, it is because you are frustrated with the exorbitant prices of the latest new devices that may not offer much more, if anything, than the previous models that preceded it.  At the same time, you are definitely in the market for a like-New device that offers the same high quality, meets your budget, and very importantly, is bought from a company who cares so much about the customer experience that it warrantees their product as if it was new off the production line. We, at Cell Giant, are so confident in our products that we back it up with our 1-year warranty (see Terms and Policy) designed to provide you with the extra value and benefit of enjoying your device worry-free.

How else are we different than other merchants in the refurbished/certified pre-owned market? We are well aware of the multitude of devices sold that are refurbished with third-party parts that come from all over the world and not made for your specific device. At Cell Giant, for any device that need to be refurbished, we will only use original manufactured parts (OEM), and then meticulously tested to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product. Our job at Cell Giant is to provide you with a reliable device that works perfectly, and, at a fraction of the cost than if you were to purchase through your network provider. Your job is to sit back and enjoy the savings!

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