Do’s and Don’ts When Your Smartphone Gets Wet

You may cringe, you may even cry, but, just know that you are part of a fairly large statistic that has done the same – 11% of consumers will drop their phones into liquid according to data from the IDC. That translates into more than 100,000 smartphones a day that might see the bottom of a sink, toilet, lake, etc..

So, let’s separate myth from truth. Yes, I am referring to soaking the phone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice. Save your rice for consumption, folks. Tests have shown that putting your phone in uncooked rice will only do more harm than good.  Rice can get sticky when wet and even if dry, it can get caught into your phone’s ports, etc. and cause more damage than good. The other quick ‘go to’ thought is using a blow dryer or maybe the microwave oven. After all, desperate times call for desperate or what appears to be make-sense measures. Again, the research reflects otherwise. Any direct heat source to your mobile device will only cause further damage to the internal components and potentially the screen, as well.

We’ve touched on a couple misconceptions, so, let’s now just focus on what is the proper course of action when your phone comes in contact with liquid. Reaction time is important, so best to immediately remove the phone out of the water. Hold the phone upright gently shaking the device and then settling to allow excess water to drain. Use a clean, dry towel to further remove the excess water.  Avoid the temptation of plugging it in or charging it. Electricity and water do not make for a good combination and we do not want to fry the circuit board. Using silica gel packets (you know, the kind you find in the pocket of new clothing or a vitamin bottle) can be used in lieu of rice to absorb water.

However, these home remedies/methods do not always work, so, there are some companies that have developed machines specifically designed to dry out or vacuum dry electronics (ex. TeKDry, DryBox, Redux). The only challenge might be to locate a site near you where they have these machines.

If you find that the water has caused irreparable damage and you cannot bring it back to life, then jump onto the website where a certified pre-owned replacement smartphone awaits you. At Cell Giant, they understand that your drowned phone was an expensive investment, so, head on over to the site where you will be greeted with GREAT prices, warranty and impeccable customer service.


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your IPhone

It’s amazing how much we as a society use our phones. Our phones get carried with us everywhere we go, and at almost every time of the day. I bet, however, most of you haven’t explored the full extent of your Iphone’s capabilities. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about your Iphone:




  1. You Can Use Your IPhone as a Level
    • Simply swipe left on your IPhones compass application to use it as a fully functional level.
  2. You Can Set Your Music to Auto Turn Off
    • If you want to stop playing your favorite music after a certain time you can go to the IPhone’s timer application. Scroll down under the “When timer ends” drop down and select stop playing.
  3. Double Tap the Space Bar for a period
    • You can double tap the space bar when typing to quickly add a period to the end of your sentence.
  4. Use Airplane Mode When Charging
    • If you put your IPhone in “airplane mode” while the phone is charging it takes less time to reach a full charge.
  5. Shake Your IPhone to Erase Your Message
    • If you shake your IPhone after typing, your phone will erase what you just wrote.
  6. Tap the Top of the Screen to Scroll Up
    • If you just scrolled too far down, you can tap the top of your screen, and it will bring you back to the top.
  7. SOS
    • If need to call emergency services hold down the power and volume buttons until the SOS comes up. Then swipe right on SOS to call emergency services.
  8. Your IPhone Tracks Your Most Frequented Places
    • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations
    • You can see under frequent locations your most frequented locations on a map (Pretty Creepy).
  9. Siri is Customizable
    • Go to Settings > General > Siri > Voice Gender
    • Here you can actually change the voice gender of Siri
    • You can also teach Siri how to learn pronunciations
  10. Custom Vibrations
    • You can give each of your contacts a custom vibration alert so when you receive a message you can differentiate based on vibration.



Four Tips to Lower Your Phone Bill

Checking your phone bill can be scary these days. As carriers continue to increase the cost of service, and phone manufacturers raise the cost to purchase devises, consumers are faced with being price gauged for the necessity of having a phone. There are a few simple ways to fight back, and take the power out of the carrier’s hand. Follow these four simple tips to lower your phone bill:




  1. Employee Discounts

    If you are employed by a fortune 500 company, the military, or the government you most likely get a discount. Some employers can offer a 35% discount on phone service. Find out by looking in your employers benefits program, or by contacting HR. Auto-pay is also a great discount accessable to everyone. If you opt to pay your phone bill via auto-pay, most phone service providers will offer you a discount on your bill.

  2. Safety Mode vs Unlimited

    A trick I found when experimenting with my phone bill, was paying by the GB of data as opposed to unlimited data. This resulted in better service at a lesser price. You may be overpaying for unlimited data. Instead call your carrier and see how many GB of data you actually use. It may be cheaper to just pay for the data you use. Verizon has a wonderful feature called safety mode. If you go over your data usage allotment, you can automatically switch to safety mode. This results in slower speeds; however, the data is free. There is no extra charge for using your phone in safety mode. I found the speeds in safety mode were not slow enough for me to warrant paying top dollar for unlimited data. Also employee discounts don’t work on unlimited plans for Verizon.

  3. Bring Your Own Phone

    It may seem tempting to fall for the $30/month fee for the newest device; however, realize that you are paying full retail price over time. The carriers will use this technique to keep you using their service, and continue to pay top dollar for service. Next time you need a new device try buying certified pre-owned or used. These phones come at a hefty discount instead of paying top dollar for new. The best part is: the device is yours! That means you don’t have to continue with using the same carrier service. Just make sure the device is unlocked to all networks when purchasing. You can then leverage you switching carriers to lower your rates.

  4. Negotiate

    Negotiating my phone bill with my service provider was one of the best decisions I made. The customer service representative helped me go over my bill, and point out where I was paying the most. She helped me find the best deal, and worked with me on price. Don’t be afraid to complain, complaining about my service got me two months of free upgraded service.