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Questions about our Phones:

Yes, all of our phones are Verizon Unlocked devices, which means they can be used on all carriers worldwide.

All of our phones are previously owned phones in A Grade condition. In the phone industry, A Grade devices are the highest quality of used devices. All devices are near flawless, containing minimal to no wear. All are completely functional and are in the highest condition of working order. Our devices are labeled as CPO – Certified Pre-Owned as we inspect each device thoroughly to ensure the highest level of quality is obtained, and then we ensure each device with our 1-year warranty covering any functional defects.

All phones are shipped out via USPS flat rate 2-day Priority or First Class mail depending on weight and distance.

Why Buy a Used Phone?

Don’t let carriers trick you into buying a long-term contract or payment plans to pay for phones at retail price. Why buy for full cost, when you can buy the same device for a fraction of the price. Not only do you get the device cheaper, you have more room for negotiating a lower monthly bill. When you are done with your device you can then trade it in and receive cash for your device.

Sweet Freedom, all of our devices are free to use on any carrier or network. That means you can move or take our devices overseas, and can switch carriers at any time! Your current carrier keep overcharging you? Now you don’t have to be stuck, you can take your device to any carrier in any network

More about Phones…

An unlocked phone is when a phone has been released from a specific carrier to be able to be used on any carrier within its network capabilities. For example, an unlocked AT&T phone can be used on any carrier operating on a GSM network.

There are two major phone networks worldwide: GSM and CDMA. These network types use different types of waves to communicate. This is the reason you cannot simply use an AT&T phone on a Verizon Network. The four major US carriers use different networks, which makes it difficult to switch carriers, and use phones internationally. Verizon and Sprint both use CDMA, while AT&T and T-Mobile use the GSM network. Recently, Verizon made a progressive step to help customers, by adding GSM functionality to their phones. Cell Giant sells only Verizon unlocked phones, which means our devices can be used on any network. This is possible by using only Verizon phones, which have both GSM and CDMA network capabilities, then unlocking them to provide full access to any network phone carrier worldwide.

A refurbished phone is a phone that has been damaged then repaired back to original working order. Like used cars, no one wants a previously damaged device. Devices that have been previously damaged tend to bring more issues than ones that have been kept in perfect working order, which is what we at Cell Giant provide. We ensure all devices have not been refurbished, especially with knock-off parts, by having our techs examine each phone for any signs of a previously refurbished device.

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