Four Tips to Lower Your Phone Bill

Four Tips to Lower Your Phone Bill

Checking your phone bill can be scary these days. As carriers continue to increase the cost of service, and phone manufacturers raise the cost to purchase devises, consumers are faced with being price gauged for the necessity of having a phone. There are a few simple ways to fight back, and take the power out of the carrier’s hand. Follow these four simple tips to lower your phone bill:




  1. Employee Discounts

    If you are employed by a fortune 500 company, the military, or the government you most likely get a discount. Some employers can offer a 35% discount on phone service. Find out by looking in your employers benefits program, or by contacting HR. Auto-pay is also a great discount accessable to everyone. If you opt to pay your phone bill via auto-pay, most phone service providers will offer you a discount on your bill.

  2. Safety Mode vs Unlimited

    A trick I found when experimenting with my phone bill, was paying by the GB of data as opposed to unlimited data. This resulted in better service at a lesser price. You may be overpaying for unlimited data. Instead call your carrier and see how many GB of data you actually use. It may be cheaper to just pay for the data you use. Verizon has a wonderful feature called safety mode. If you go over your data usage allotment, you can automatically switch to safety mode. This results in slower speeds; however, the data is free. There is no extra charge for using your phone in safety mode. I found the speeds in safety mode were not slow enough for me to warrant paying top dollar for unlimited data. Also employee discounts don’t work on unlimited plans for Verizon.

  3. Bring Your Own Phone

    It may seem tempting to fall for the $30/month fee for the newest device; however, realize that you are paying full retail price over time. The carriers will use this technique to keep you using their service, and continue to pay top dollar for service. Next time you need a new device try buying certified pre-owned or used. These phones come at a hefty discount instead of paying top dollar for new. The best part is: the device is yours! That means you don’t have to continue with using the same carrier service. Just make sure the device is unlocked to all networks when purchasing. You can then leverage you switching carriers to lower your rates.

  4. Negotiate

    Negotiating my phone bill with my service provider was one of the best decisions I made. The customer service representative helped me go over my bill, and point out where I was paying the most. She helped me find the best deal, and worked with me on price. Don’t be afraid to complain, complaining about my service got me two months of free upgraded service.

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