Why Cell Giant


Fast, reliable service and expedient delivery from a company who guarantees their products. Each device that comes through our warehouse passes a stringent individually inspected quality check with a 1 year warranty to guarantee our confidence in our product. Our job will never stop until we have answered all your questions – and you walk away a happy and satisfied “repeat” customer.


When purchasing from Cell Giant, you are receiving a 29 point quality-tested device at a great price from ONE company that warrantees and stands by their products. Don’t let those big name online marketplaces fool you. You could very well be purchasing from an unknown individual or outfit selling a previously refurbished product that does not quite live up to the consistency standards you deserve.


Yes, the sweet freedom of owning your own phone and not leasing from a carrier. By the time you finish signing those lengthy contracts, it may be too late before you realize that you overpaid. Not to mention, you may be tied into a device that may lock you into only using their carrier network. Our phone prices will not only save you money, but, they are all unlocked devices, giving you the freedom to switch carriers anytime you choose.


We are laser focused on doing one thing, so, we do it, GREAT. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to team up with only the most prominent of used phone distributors in the nation with substantial buying power. That means you, the customer, benefit with Quality products at Great prices and a warranty to back them up.

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