Overview of Used & Refurbished Phones

Overview of Used & Refurbished Phones

When it comes to buying a new phone, consider buying a used or refurbished one instead. Our refurbished phones have been repaired using only OEM high-quality parts. It’s practically like buying brand new when you consider that our used or refurbished devices are also accompanied by a 1-year warranty.

Why Do People Return Their New Phones?

A lot of the time, new phones are returned because the user is not familiar with its smart features and they feel a disconnect with the device. Other people may return the phone because they simply feel like the device has too many features. Some people return their phone because they just happen to change their minds about what model they wanted in the first place.

Now, some devices may be returned because they might have a defect. Not to worry though, because defective products are not sold as refurbished. Instead, they are sent back to the manufacturer and are replaced with new devices.

Where To Get Refurbished Phones From?

You should give serious consideration to trusted resellers like Cell Giant who assure that their previously owned phones are restored to like-new condition and settings. Cell Giant makes sure that all of their refurbished phones are built with OEM high-quality parts and go through stringent quality tests.  It turns out that Americans get a new phone every 1.5 years which means there’s plenty of opportunities for you to get the new phone you want while saving some serious cash!

Browse our products to find out how we can help you get the new phone you want at a fraction of the price!

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