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Buy Samsung Galaxy Certified Pre-Owned Phones

Looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy or Samsung android smartphone? Buying brand new isn’t exactly the best way to go if you’re looking to benefit by saving some money. Buying our certified pre-owned smartphones gives you all the same look and quality benefits you want. At Cell Giant, we purchase the highest-grade phones and put them through a stringent diagnostic check to assure it meets our high-quality standards inside and out. Only then will our certified pre-owned and refurbished Samsung Galaxy smartphones receive our final stamp of approval. Our used androids provide you, the consumer, with a smart cost-conscious option for you and the whole family.  Our job at Cell Giant is to provide you with a reliable device that works perfectly, and, at a fraction of the cost than if you were to purchase through your network provider. Your job is to sit back and enjoy the savings!

Used Android Smartphones For Sale

Here at Cell Giant, we offer a wide variety of phone of which include some of the more popular and highly rated lines of Samsung Galaxy smartphones along with Apple iPhones. Our certified pre-owned and refurbished smartphones are individually inspected and come with our 1-year limited warranty. Great savings is only one part of the equation. When purchasing from Cell Giant, you are receiving a 29 point quality-tested device at a great price from ONE company that warranties and stands by their products. Don’t let those big name online marketplaces fool you. You could very well be purchasing from an unknown individual or outfit selling a previously refurbished product that does not quite live up to the consistency standards you deserve.  At Cell Giant you can purchase the phone you want with no strings attached!  


Our Cell Phones are in excellent working and cosmetic condition and are ready for your immediate enjoyment. SIM card has been removed so you will need to purchase a new SIM card and connect the phone with the appropriate carrier. Phone is unlocked to work with GSM and CDMA carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint (see your carrier for details). This device is ready for your calling, texting, movie watching, surfing, emailing, picture/video taking anytime, anywhere. All Cell Phones come with a wall charger, USB cable and a 1 Year warranty.

These cell phones have been 100% tested to be fully functional including:

  • Complete data wipe
  • Factory reset to original settings and update to latest iOS or Android OS
  • All buttons tested and functional – home, volume and power buttons
  • Headset jack tested and function
  • Microphone tested and functional
  • Speaker tested and functional
  • Touch screen display is bright and fully responsive with no scratches or cracks
  • Front and rear cameras tested and functional
  • No water damage