Ways To Protect Your Smartphone

Ways To Protect Your Smartphone

certified pre owned smartphonesMobile phones go everywhere with us which makes them at a higher risk for being misplaced, lost, or stolen. There’s great potential for them being left behind and ending up in the wrong hands of a criminal or someone whom you simply would not want to have access to your information. Let’s face it, hackers are getting better, clever, and more advanced in their efforts to gain access to the information on your phone.

Here are some ways to ensure you keep your phone and all of the information it holds safe and secure.

  1. This one might be pretty obvious but put a lock on your phone, whether it’s using a safe and secure password or the fingerprint/facial recognition feature. Even if your phone ends up in the hands of the wrong person, they’ll have a hard time getting past these security features.
  2. If you haven’t already, consider encrypting your data. This is especially useful for protecting important or sensitive data whether it’s emails, banking information, or anything personal.
  3. Set up the remote wipe feature so that if your phone is lost or stolen, you’ll be able to remotely wipe your phone of all of its data, thereby, preventing anyone from accessing any of your vital information.
  4. Take advantage of the updates. When new updates are released, they often come with improved security for your device.
  5. Avoid jailbreaking your phone. This means you bypass the phone manufacturers intended security protocols, and, as a result, will weaken the security of your device.
  6. Download anti-malware for your mobile phone. If you happen to download a harmful app or file, anti-malware protection will help fight off a virus.

With rising malware activity, take active steps to protect your mobile phone, personal information, and general well-being.

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